Thursday, December 23, 2010
I hope everyone is having a a happy Christmas season. We certainly are. Tuesday was one of the high points of the season so far...

Ultimately, Christmas is about the greatest gift of all, the gift of life offered by Jesus Himself. We symbolize that gift through giving gifts to our loved ones. Sometimes, it is even more of a blessing to give gifts to people who are in need. Yes, you all know I run a bus route at our church and my wife helps in a class and in Children's Church. We have a huge burden for these kids. Sometimes, it is painful to see them come in with shoddy clothing, or see them in the winter with no warm clothing. No, this isn't about a social gospel, it is about faithfulness. Kids don't get something just because they show up at church the week before Christmas. Some of the people in our church also share our burden for these kids and gave us some money for Christmas gifts for the families. We were told only that we were to decide how to distribute the gifts we purchased with the money. We knew this was coming and we had been praying about which family to take care of. There was no doubt in our minds. There was one family who lived in a little house. The kids were always good and always came. We wanted to do so much for this one family, but we only had a little to work with. We were able to get coats and warm stuff for all four kids and mom. What a blessing!  Then, on Sunday afternoon, we were told that some people had given some more for our route. So, we added a ham and a big Christmas dinner.

Tuesday night, we were able to deliver it all. Some of our kids have run down houses and no clothes, but big screen TV's and expensive video games. Makes you think twice about helping them. This family was not like this. Yes, they had a TV, but it was an old one. They seemed to be genuinely blessed by what we were able to do. They may not realize it, but they were as much a blessing to us.

Sunday was interesting - the Devil was certainly fighting. I wish I could tell you about all the strange things that happened, but I cannot. Trust me... After sixteen years of children's and youth ministries, I was shocked. How did it end up? One of my bus kids wanted to get saved.

Oh, and there may be snow on Christmas. All in all, it is shaping up to be a great Christmas week.