Friday, December 10, 2010
The last few years have really been a roller-coaster.   I know worldly people will always flee from you when you stand for God, but I never expected my "Christian" friends to flee as well.  Recently, I commented about women who use social media to sublimely preach to men (click here to read it). There was quite an uproar from some Christian friends who claimed I was causing division. Yes, the preaching of the Bible is divisive! That was a low point for me. I was quite discouraged to think that my Christian, my PREACHER friends would not stand with the Word of God on such a clear issue. I guess we see who runs their homes and churches. Oh well.

However, since then, the gates of heaven have poured their blessings upon me. I still teach our church's New Convert's class. That is always a blessing. I have also been blessed with the privileged of preaching to more than 300 young people. One was saved! I have also been given a bus route at our church. We have more kids on our bus than some churches have on Sunday morning. This is a tremendous responsibility and a wonderful blessing!

Trust God, do right and He will take care of us!