Monday, February 28, 2011
What a great weekend.

You don't have to tell me that I am in the best church around, I already know this. But something different happened this weekend. A neighboring church (which is also a good church) invited our bus ministry workers over to help them start their bus ministry. So, the weekend started off with us visiting with this dear sister church. You may be wondering, "what was the result?" Well, I am glad you asked. Several families visited the sister church Sunday morning as a result of the Saturday visits. Wow.

So, where do you go from that high? Ummm, up? Our Sunday morning was as good as ever. God moved in  and moved in a powerful way. From there, we were off to the busses. Yes, there was a little drama and yes, the devil put up his best. But, God won. We had the best ride on the bus yet! Can it get better? Umm, is God still on the throne? YES!  Two were saved in the afternoon service. Ahhh, but we still have to get those bus-loads of kids home.

Our ride home was wonderful as well. We had noodles for a snack.  Since we had extra noodles, we had a competition to see who could down a cup of noodles the quickest.  Miss. "I" (on the left) won.  She's one of our best kids. Who was the best boy and the best girl? It was almost a tie between them all, but one of them is this little cutie on the right (the little one sitting in "T's" lap). She was tickled to get her peanut butter pretzel crackers.  We were excited to have a new family ride with us this weekend.  We were just as excited to see some of our prodigals return. They're supposed to be bringing their friends with them next week.

Sunday night? Well, WOW! God is far better, kinder and more generous than we would ever deserve. The icing? Another family joined.  I'm excited just thinking about it all again.

I love my church, my pastor and I love being able to serve my Lord!