Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Well, our weekend started this Saturday morning with a leaky pipe. Bro. H from church came over and was a tremendous blessing to us. He spent several hours under the house, in puddles of cold, muddy water, fixing our plumbing. When it was all said and done, the leaks were fixed and Bro. H had informed us that we have poly butylene pipe. Of course, the settlement fund that was established as a result of the class action lawsuit closed its offices on December 31, 2009. So, we have to replumb the house out of pocket. Saturday: done.
Sunday, of course, was church. In case you don't know us, we attend a local Independent Baptist Church. I suppose, at some point, I should explain what an "Independent Baptist Church" is and why it is better than other denominations or even a Southern Baptist Church. Of course, our church is unapologetically King James Only. Our church is one of very few in the area that is truly old fashioned. No, there is no contemporary worship, no praise leader, no contemporary music -,no so-called Christian rock, no so-called Christian rap, no so-called Christian country, etc. The music is truly Spirit-filled. Likewise, the preaching is Spirit-filled and Bible based. This means that the whole counsel of God is preached. Sometimes, that is encouraging, sometimes that is a rebuke. Yes, our pastor preaches standards, he doesn't just 'bump' them occasionally.
Allow me to interject: one of the things that makes our church unique is the presence of men from two local rescue missions. These men add a lot to the church. There are often new men coming into the missions. As you read our blog, we will rejoice over these men being saved, but we will seldom mention them in the ranks of visitors. When we refer to visitors at church, we are speaking specifically about people from the community who have chosen to attend our church.
That said, this past Sunday was typical in that we had many first-time visitors. One of the most exciting things about our church is the way it is growing. Numerically, it seems as though people are being added to the congregation by baptism and transfer often. It is truly a blessing to be in a church that is alive and growing. Something else which is typical is that people seem to get saved every week. Sunday morning was a straight salvation message. I cannot imagine how someone could leave that service, after that message, and refuse the manifest grace of God.
Sunday night, the message was directed at the believer. Preacher dealt with hypocrisy. While it would be easy to say I wish certain people were there to hear the message, I must admit that I took a lot away from the message as well.
Wrapping up our weekend, we spent Martin Luther King day with some dear friends. As always, we are looking forward to our next opportunity to fellowship with them.
Please continue to pray for young lady (M.) and a family (the husband is T and the wife is R). I believe God is moving in all three of these lives.